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Qualifying a Buyer is a Skill

The development of your Qualifying skills is an ongoing and very important process.

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Price Focussed or Quality Of Service?

Whatever your strategic approach to positioning your business, have you structured all aspects of your business accordingly?

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Working On Your Business Or In Your Business

There is a fundamentally different approach with different outcomes to these 2 styles.

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Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring programs are designed for the benefit of mentees, with a view to assist you in gaining a competitive edge

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Fully systemising your business is one of the fundamental requirements for success.

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EAMET Management System

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Gaps in Your Business Operations?


Market Research indicates that there are many estate agents businesses that have room for considerable improvement in the key areas of:


  • Operational Skills

  • Systemising your business is critical - otherwise you are just muddling along

  • Recruiting and Training of team members is an ongoing process

  • Business Planning - it's the road map to your future success

  • The level of Service and understanding of service is woefully inadequate

  • The lack of Professionalism - with so many businesses over-promising and under-delivering


It's time to get serious about your business if you want to become a market leader. 


If you continue to do what you have done, you will continue to get what you have always got - which directly leads you to where you are today. 




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